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Cooking Raccoon in the Oven

Would you eat a raccoon?

Well, if you're hungry enough you will eat just about anything. But where is the line drawn for you?

Learn the right way to clean and cook a raccoon for your dining delight. Because it's all about the joy of cooking, right?

If bbq raccoon sounds like something you'd try, watch the video below:

Would You Cook Raccoon and Eat It?

For many people, eating a raccoon might turn the stomach. If you are hungry enough, the preconceived notions of raccoons or other critters being nasty and full of parasites goes out the window in a hurry. If cleaned and cooked correctly, raccoon is not unlike any other wild game you may encounter.

They may be considered a varmint by some trappers, but eating raccoon meat cooked in a roasting pan isn't out of the question. You don't have to worry as much about scent glands when you're butchering, say, a deer for its venison. But hey, dark meat is dark meat, so they say.

If you're gonna cook raccoon, you'd better get that barbecue sauce ready! That looks like some fall off the bone stuff right there! I wonder how grilled raccoon would taste...

Though there aren't many raccoon recipes out there to be found, you may come across a few more in addition to this one. And this video even gives you a skinning primer on top of it!

Next time you catch that pest raccoon raiding the garbage you just might consider bringing him to the dinner table with some sweet potatoes and a little red wine.