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Thermacell Offers Radius Zone Repeller at Discount Kickstarter Price

Thermacell is offering a discount price to those who purchase their new Radius Zone Repeller through Kickstarter.

Thermacell is introducing their newest mosquito repeller, the Radius, on Kickstarter. What does that mean?

That means you have an opportunity to get ahead of production and get the newest product at a discounted price.

thermacell radius

The Radius is one of Thermacell's simplest designs. It has a one-button operation, and repelling mosquitos is as simple as turning it on.

The Radius is the first of its kind as it is a rechargeable, EPA-approved, zone mosquito repellent. This unit covers a total area of 110 square feet, pretty impressive. It doesn't use gas like previous Thermacell compenents, and instead uses a rechargeable battery.

thermacell radius

All you need to do is visit their Kickstarter Campaign website and pledge a certain amount towards their campaign. For each dollar amount you pledge, you will be categorized into what you will receive.

For example if you pledge $40 you will receive a full Radius starter kit. Through Kickstarter, this is a 20% discount.

Here's more from Thermacell's YouTube channel:

If mosquitos are a pain and money is tight, you may want to act on this now. The Radius is a compact, simple design that will help keep mosquitos away while keeping you outdoors. Many of the Thermacell products we have used in the past have worked remarkably well, and we have no doubt that the Radius will be just as good if not better.

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Thermacell Offers Radius Zone Repeller at Discount Kickstarter Price