Protect Your Family with the New Thermacell Tick Control System

Thermacell's new Tick Control System is the easy, no-spray way to kill ticks that carry lyme disease.

May is Lyme Disease awareness month, and Thermacell wants to ensure you are not only aware, but fully educated on how to control the ticks that carry this nasty disease.

To understand how to control ticks and lyme disease, you must first understand how it grows and spreads. According to USA Today May could be a very bad month for lyme disease. They state that in 2015, "An unusually large abundance of acorns in the northeast two years ago fueled a population boom of white-footed mice last year." It's important to get rid of mice, but when you can't control them, that's where Thermacell comes in.

You may ask yourself, what does that have to do with ticks and lyme disease? To save you some time reading, Thermacell has put together a simple video as well as an infographic (below) to show you not only how ticks grow, but how their new control system attacks them from the start to prevent ticks from ever being a problem.

Get the Facts:

  • More than 300,000 people are affected by Lyme Disease each year, which makes Lyme disease just as common in the U.S. as breast cancer.
  • Boys ages 5-9 are at the highest risk of contracting Lyme Disease.
  • Cases of Lyme Disease have more than doubled from 2001 to 2015.
  • 95% of confirmed cases have been confirmed from 14 concentrated states.
  • White Footed Mice are the biggest source of the ticks that spread Lyme Disease.

When I first heard of this system, I expected a spray or something that would attack the ticks that are already in my yard. What I found was it is kind of a slow process, one that works similar to a step system like if you were to try to grow a new lawn.

What I learned from my own Q&A with Thermacell:

My first concern was that I have a dog, so I asked, if my dog was to get into the tubes, how would that affect him? The response was reassuring, as there is such a small dose within the tubes it would take my dog months of continuous eating to be affected in the least bit.

My second concern was that I will be a new father come this fall, and I want to ensure that my kid will be safe outside with these. Since there is no spray or widely spread chemical, it's harmless.

How it works:

The system works as mice pick away at these tubes that you place along your yard. As these mice work, the tick control tubes contains material specially treated with permethrin, the active ingredient recommended by the CDC to kill ticks. While you may know that adult ticks feed on deer, young ticks feed on mice.  Mice find and collect the treated cotton from the Tick Tubes to make their nests, and the permethrin-treated cotton will kill ticks that latch on to mice. It was developed by Harvard Researchers, and tested by tick experts. The tick tubes provide a smart solution that understands the tick lifecycle. It goes where sprays and granules can't reach to kill ticks early before they can spread diseases.

A one year supply for 1/4 acre requires 6 tubes twice a year for a total of 12 tubes. Tick tubes are available in 6, 12 and 24 packs at prices starting at $24.99. For more information or to purchas,e be sure to visit Thermacell's website or order through Amazon.

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