ATA Show 2017: Thermacell Repellents Now Has Something for Everyone

We joined Adam Goess at the 2017 ATA Show to see what was in store for the new year with Thermacell Repellents and it looks promising.

Getting to go to the ATA Show in Indianapolis is a great way to get a first look at all the new products coming out for the new year. That was one of the most exciting parts of heading over to the Thermacell Repellents booth. There, we were able to meet with Adam Goess and go over exactly what Thermacell Repellents has in store for the new year.

The video below shows a quick look at what to expect.

As you can see there is something for everyone. The first thing that caught my eye was the newly designed repeller. The MR450 is the name and it not only looks cool, but is more user friendly. I use mine hunting so to know that the ignitor switch is 50% quieter is the first thing that caught my attention. Aside from that, the blue "ready light" leaves the user knowing the unit is ready. Say goodbye to looking through that little vial to see the glow of the coils to ensure it's on.

Next, Goess talks about the repeller designed for the backpacker. We all know mosquitos aren't the only problem when we are deep in the woods, but space is as well. Thermacell has put together a unit that runs off your ISO Butane canisters that most backpackers already have. As mentioned, out of an eight-ounce canister this bad boy can run up to 180 hours.

Lastly, he mentions the new Thermacell Halo Repeller. The Halo Repeller is designed for the home and patio user who is looking for contemporary look with longer and greater coverage. The unit last over 48 hours and covers a 15'x15' area through silent and virtually odor-free repellent with no open flame.

The units will be available soon in 2017 so be sure to visit their website frequently to be one of the first to own.

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