cirrus ata show 2017

We Checked Out the Cirrus Vape Wind Indicator at the 2017 ATA Show

Wind indication has changed and we caught up with Cirrus at the 2017 ATA Show to find out how.

You may have heard of Cirrus as the name is floating around quite a bit in the industry. Did you see what I did there?

Cirrus Outdoors is a wind indicator based off of vape technology. The concept has a lot of hunters excited as normal wind indicator powders work more with gravity. Unlike a powder, the vape technology allows for hunters to check the wind and the thermals. For anyone hunting ridge lines, mountains, or in tight hunting quarters, it's important to know and understand your thermals when it comes to hunting.

New for 2017 Cirrus discusses their line of scent cartridges. Check that out in the video below.

Now available in Cloud, Earth, Pine and Acorn, the Cirrus wind checker is one tool I will be looking to get my hands on this hunting season.

Although the scent ideas are nice, I am not one for cover scent, so my choice would be the Cloud cartridge. The Cloud cartridge and the name Cirrus, comes from just that, the clouds. Cirrus clouds are the thin and wispy clouds in the sky that move with the slightest of wind or current, much like the Cirrus vape wind indicator.

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