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A Bulldog and Dachshund: The Unofficial Winners of Westminster Dog Show

Was Burns, the dachshund robbed of the Best in Show title the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? You don't have to love the breed to agree that Burns won the hearts of the viewers and the audience at Madison Square Garden

I live with two dachshunds and hoped this underdog (no one dared to mention this word in our house!) would win. The dachshund is one of a small group of America's favorite dog breeds that has never won "Best in Show" at Westminster. It was the year for dachshund lovers to enjoy a title given Burns, the longhaired dachshundwon the Hound Group and advanced to the Best in Show!


According to the American Kennel Club,

"As far as AKC Breed Popularity, the Dachshund ranks 13 of 193."

Yet the Best in Show title instead went to King, the 15th wire fox terrier to win the top prize (the most of any breed). tells us, 

"But although King's performance was undeniably superb, viewers were outraged, instead calling for Best in Show to be awarded to the exquisite longhaired dachshund named Burns."

The Wire Fox Terrier King wins Best in Show 

King was shown by Gabriel Rangel, who is now a three-time best in show winner as a handler! 

King also beat out a Havanese, Sussex Spaniel, Wilma the Boxer, and a Bouviers Des Flandres during the best in show competition.

The top dog this year just wasn't a crowd favorite! Bono, the Havanese received the reserve Best in Show thankfully as this breed had almost or as many fans as the doxie!

You may remember but last year, Flynn the Bichon Frise was 2018's Best in Show winner.

Burns easily won the hearts of the audience and you can hear the cheering shares that dachshunds are often dwarfed by the competition,

"Burns the dachshund's handler Carlos Puig also told the publication that dachshunds are often dwarfed by the competition. Their fellow hound group competitors include bloodhounds, Borzois and greyhounds, after all. "In a ring like this, they have to be as flashy and fancy as some of the fancier hounds — like Afghans or greyhounds — but its hard because they're the shortest and smallest in their group," he said. "They kind of get lost because of their size."

Burns scored 26 best in show titles! Good job Burns!

No one expected a bulldog to do this!

We love this agility run! This bulldog was seen flying over jumps and diving into tunnels. His final time was 51.63 seconds and while he wasn't the winner, the fans adored him. reported, 

"Though Rudy's time was a bit slower than Verb the Border Collie's winning time of 32.05 seconds, according to, the canine quickly went viral — finding an abundance of new fans and endless support on Twitter."

Whether you're a fan of the non-sporting group, herding group, hound group (like me!), terrier group, toy group, or working group you have to admit that Burns stole the show on Tuesday night. We all loved watching the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and whether or not we agree with the show judge doesn't really matter. The breed or mixed breed you live with at home is the true Best in Show winner!

Perhaps next year we'll report from New York and there is no way a Wire Fox Terrier will win again! Hopefully, the dachshund will win the hound group a second year in a row. This spicy, German breed deserves another chance!

Do you agree? Did Burns get robbed of the title this year? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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