The Truth Is, They Want to Ban Every Gun

Dom Raso explains exactly why the tired, old refrain "Nobody wants to take your guns away" is complete baloney.

"At the root of every gun ban or restriction is this false promise that firearms can be divided neatly into two groups: good and bad," Navy Seal Dom Raso declares. "And if we could just get rid of the bad ones, we'll all be safer."

Raso says this is why politicians hold up the scariest-looking guns and lie about their capabilities. The intention is to scare folks who just don't know any better.

I might qualify Raso's statement just a little bit here, though. I believe many anti-gun politicians do indeed lie about guns, but I also believe many just don't know the first thing about them.

They act on pure emotion with absolutely no sense of reasoning.

These people—anti-gun politicians and their emotional followers—do indeed want to ban every gun in America.

"It's just not politically savvy to admit it," Raso says.

These charlatans try to achieve their goal of banning all firearms one gun and one accessory at a time.

"There are no good or bad guns," he says. "They're going to do what you drive them to do."

The anti-gun crowd needs to wake up and be honest. They also need to stop endangering good people by limiting their options to protect themselves.

I debate gun control quite a bit, and I've run into every anti-gun argument there is. None of them qualify as "common sense" or even sensible, with the possible exception of the argument to ban all guns. But even that one is a losing battle, because you can never realistically ban every gun, and everybody knows it. All that would do is endanger more lives and get more people killed.

Raso's last comment hits the nail squarely on the head:

"Banning some guns but not all of them doesn't make anyone safer. It restricts the options of the law-abiding citizens to choose the right firearm for their personal needs and capabilities."

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