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Dom Raso on Gun-Free Malls, Fear Mongering, and the Future of Terrorism

Dom Raso continues to try to inform and get Americans to prepare for radical Islam terrorist threats. He's not fear mongering; he's telling the truth.

Dom Raso is on a mission of late. He's put out three successive videos on violent crime, terrorism and gun control, and why the two don't mix. His first two videos can be found here and here.

In this latest wake up call, he briefly discusses radical Islam and how its practitioners view killing Americans as just part of their daily job preparation.

It's a startling comparison, to think that a terrorist gets up each day thinking, planning, preparing to carry out an act of terrorism in the name of radical Islam, just like you get up and go to work yourself.

Raso starts off by suggesting that you have a presentation to give at work. Well, "He's doing the same thing," he says. "Except it isn't for weeks. In some cases it's generations...of dreaming, planning and working. 50, 60, 70 hours a week. In anticipation of the moment he's been waiting for his entire life. His job is to disrupt freedom by killing you, your family, and our fellow Americans."

It's a sobering thought. A damn sobering thought.

But veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso has spent 12 years of his life dealing with and hunting down people just like this. He knows, from real life experience, how these people think and what their determined intentions are. He also knows that these terrorists are looking at shopping malls as targets.

They've done it before. Nairobi, Kenya; 2013; 63 murdered, close to 200 injured. The next terrorist is looking to outdo those terrorists.

And he's planning to outdo it by looking at Gun-Free Zones in cities and states where politicians have reduced our second amendment rights to carry self defense weapons. In order for his evil plan to work, he needs an unprepared public. An unarmed public.

"The people who want to restrict your right to bear arms, will call this fear mongering," Raso says. "They'll say it almost certainly will never happen to you. Maybe it won't. But it will happen to someone. And what if that someone is you? And what if it's your family?"

"Both as a society, and as individuals, what are we doing to prepare for it? More importantly, what are we and our leadership doing to prevent it?" he asks. "Deal with reality as it is, not as we wish it were. Or, face the consequences."

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Dom Raso on Gun-Free Malls, Fear Mongering, and the Future of Terrorism