The Shewee: Ladies, Now We Can Pee from the Treestand!

If you need to pee from the treestand, the Shewee is almost perfect.

My first-time turkey hunting I went with my dad, my uncle, and several other guys. I was the only girl.

I'm used to hanging with the boys, but when I heard "don't look south, Kenzie has to pee!" over the walkie, it was a little embarrassing. It's just no fun having to hang your naked butt out in chigger country with a bunch of guys giggling in the blind.

I'm also really allergic to poison ivy, so finding the right spot makes me feel like a dog making a few circles and sniffing around.

And hunting from a stand? I had to be ready to climb all the way down and sneak back up because I can't just pee off the stand, or into a bottle.

The Shewee is a female urination device that lets you pee standing up. They've been traditionally marketed to women that don't want to deal with unsanitary bathrooms, but it's pretty clear to me. I see my solution to peeing in the great outdoors!

There are a few female urination devices on the market, but the Shewee has been in the business since 1999, and the reviews seem to suggest they have the shape down a little better than some of the newer companies. They are even gaining extensive use within the U.S. Army.

The Shewee also offers a wider range of options than its competitors. It even has some bundled with camping toilets for going number two. Plus, they even make clothing that is compatible with the Shewee.

I can see a lot of handy uses for this if you love being outside. Avoiding the need to practically strip down in the winter is a blessing. Or how about when you're out on a boat?

It may seem a little strange, but everyone knows: When you gotta go you gotta go! At around ten dollars for the basic model, it may be worth a try!

What do you think? Would you use the Shewee?