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The Predator Fly Tying Vise is the Future of Fly Tying

Force Fly Fishing Inc. just changed the face of fly tying with their revolutionary vise, The Predator!

This amazing new fly tying vise is the brainchild the of owner and operator of Force Fly Fishing, Kevan Evans. Kevan and his friend Chris, the engineer behind the vise, somehow managed to create killer accessories for the vise while also solving common design flaws still found in most modern vises.

Before we get to deep into the product, you need to hear the backstory on how this whole thing came about.

At the age of 20, Kevan was the victim of a near-deadly attack. Till this day he has no recollection of the event, but was told by doctors that he died 3 times on the operating table as they tried to save his life! Authorities say they found him lying on the ground and assumed he was the victim of a random assault.

The incident left Kevan with a traumatic brain injury caused by the frontal lobe damage he suffered. Kevan along with Laura, the CEO of Force Fly Fishing, are out to raise awareness to and help to our military veterans suffering from TBIs

"We are starting this company to bring innovation and exceptional products to the fly fishing industry and to employ U.S. Military Veterans, who, like me, suffer from TBIs," says Kevan.

"We are doing this all ourselves," says Kevan. "In an effort to keep costs down and achieve our goals, we are not outsourcing people to do our marketing, legal work (business set up, contracts, etc.), accounting, etc.  We've sold over half of our belongings and are living in an RV so that we can travel and promote the vise at fly fishing and tying conventions and other events and shows."

Check out their Kickstarter campaign to secure your very own Predator Vise, and help this company reach their goals!

Now that you have some of the backstory on the product, view the video below to get the low down on what is making the launch of this vise so highly anticipated by the fly tying community!

As you can tell by the video the vise can be loaded down with such accessories as an LED light, a smart phone holder that can even double as a magnifier, camera, or even a profiler for the fly, and a snatch arm for holding material back while yo move forward on the fly.

Oh, and you can also use the phone to watch a step-by-step fly tying video for the fly you are working on. Absolutely genius!

Believe it or not, the base of the vise even has a built in magnetic holder to keep your hooks from falling all over the place while you are tying. When you need to grab one, it is right there where you left it.

The jaws on the vise are capable of holding super tiny trout hooks or very big pike and saltwater hooks that are common on some of the largest fly patterns out there.

Oh, one more thing! If you are sick of your hook slipping an sliding in the vise, well, they fixed that problem as too. View the video below to see just how crazy strong the jaws on The Predator vise actually are!

Watching that hook bend in the vise is proof of just how strong of a hold those jaws have. If you are used to tying big flies then you know just how much those hooks want to slip. Well, thanks to The Predator, we don't have to worries about that happening ever again!

Now that you have the full scoop on the vise, don't forget to visit the Kickstart Campaign and help bring this crazy awesome product to the market for good!

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