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HD Fly Tying Video: Baby Surf Minnow Fly

Our HD fly tying video gives you all the steps you need to learn the Baby Surf Minnow fly. 

I designed the Baby Surf Minnow fly for scenarios where fish were really focusing in on small glass minnows and other tiny baitfish. It works great in both fresh and saltwater applications.

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The material list for this fly is listed below.

  • Bucktail
  • Ice Dub Minnow Frindge
  • 210 Flat Wax Nylon Thread
  • #4 Mustad Shrimp Hook
  • Hologram Eyes
  • Loon UV Thick Gel
  • UV Light

I hope you enjoyed our tying video and are able to test a few for yourself next time you get out on the water. If fly tying isn’t you thing then check out our online fly shop at

Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

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HD Fly Tying Video: Baby Surf Minnow Fly