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The Perfect Finale to First Lite's Sheep Hunting Series 'Tag'

How else would the video series about a guy's first sheep hunt end? See what goes down in the finale of 'Tag.'

First Lite struck a chord with their new YouTube series that tells the story of a novice hunter who gets his chance to hunt an Alaskan Dall's sheep.

Tag Spenst was, admittedly, in over his head when he earned the opportunity to go after one of the most coveted game animals in North America. While following along on his journey through First Lite's YouTube videos, we've come to really start pulling for the guy. When the finale was released, we were so excited to see what was going to happen.

How often does it come together that nicely?!

"Six rams, walking at you!" That's the kind of recollection we like to hear!

Way to go Tag, and way to go First Lite on sharing such a cool adventure with everyone. Yes, it makes us jealous, but we were happy for Tag nonetheless.



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The Perfect Finale to First Lite's Sheep Hunting Series 'Tag'