These Floating Backpacks Promise to Take the Pressure Off

This HoverGlide floating backpack is said to feel lighter than it is and ease shoulder and back strain.

We'll admit it, this video is more mesmerizing than we ever thought it could be. The concept of a floating backpack is something you can't really take your eyes off once you see it.

Lightning Packs, LLC is behind the packs, and has developed them over time to make use of "Suspended Load Technology," originally helping U.S. Special Ops Forces in Afghanistan.

A large elastic coupling allows one of the two frames to stretch away from its starting point, while the other frame stays connected and moves in tune with your body.

They've got a live Kickstarter project, where you can get in on preorders.

Once you get over the original awkwardness in the motion of the HoverGlide, it actually seems like a pack you'd want to use, and benefit greatly from. Though they are truly lessening the load, they're decreasing the force that packs can put on our bodies when bouncing around. The company claims of 82-86% of the force can be diminished, which is a significant difference. We could see hikers, campers, and backcountry hunters taking advantage of this sort of pack.

Even though they were intended for military use to begin with, the floating packs seem like they're poised to take the outdoor and backpacking space by storm.

There look to be four initial models available, ranging in price (at least during the preorder, Kickstarter phase) from $399 to $599.

Would you invest in one?