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First Lite's New Video Series: The "Novice Hunter" Who Won the Alaskan Sheep Hunt

This is probably going to make a lot of experienced hunters mad.

The thing about First Lite's newest hunting series, the preview of which you can see below, is that it's going to be the sort of thing that makes hunters, especially those who yearn for coveted drawn tags and apply without abandon, a little ticked off.

But that's probably a good chunk of the point, as the outdoor apparel company that's put Merino wool back in its rightful place among hunting clothing builds anticipation for the new series "Tag."

The videos are centralized on a member of First Lite's marketing team and "novice hunter" who managed to win one of the most sought-after sheep hunt opportunities given away annually at the infamous Sheep Show.

Is it becoming a little clearer why this is gonna affect some hunters' moods? This teaser will help even more.

Ryan Callaghan, known as one of First Lite's front-facing pro staffers and a close pal of Steven Rinella, had perhaps the best line to sum up the situation:

"This would be the equivalent of grabbing the waterboy off the bench at the World Series and saying, hey we just kind of need a grand slam."

Kidding aside, this looks like a legitimately compelling and engaging story, and we'll be waiting for the first episode to drop.

To follow along with someone who's going to be completely out of their element, faced with something as inherently difficult as an Alaskan sheep hunt, is gonna be to good.


First Lite's New Video Series: The "Novice Hunter" Who Won the Alaskan Sheep Hunt