870 DM

The New Magazine-Fed Remington 870 DM is the Real Deal

This new Remington 870 DM is going to quickly become a fan favorite. 

It looks like Remington just went and did it. The DM stands for "detachable magazine" if you were still trying to figure that out. It took me a minute also.

These new shotguns offer a six-round magazine that can be dropped and reloaded just like any other magazine-fed gun on the market. For you home defense guys, this just might be your new favorite toy. For those that love to shoot as many rounds as possible downrange at a game animal, you're also going to love this.

If you're like me, you quickly started wondering how fast a gun like this would jam. Well, thanks to the efforts of GunsAmerica, you can see how the Remington 870 DM actually performs. Just check this out.

So yeah, that's pretty awesome. From slugs to buckshot, the 870 DM has you covered. Remington is also launching several styles of the 870 DM. Get a load of these...

The Guns

870 DM - $529

This is just your run-of-the-mill 870 pump shotgun...with a magazine.

870 DM Magpul - $799

Okay, now things are getting serious. This thing looks legit.

870 DM Tactical / Predator - $799

Thinking about taking one of these things hunting? Well, Remington has you covered.

870 DM Hardwood - $529

There's just something about the classic Remington 870. Only now, it has a clip.

870 DM Tactical - $799

The next stop for this gun is the police department.

870 DM Tac-14 - $559

Pretty sure this is about all you'd need under your bed.

The cost for these guys isn't what you would think either. Just like most Remington shotguns, just about anyone can make one of these their own.

Be on the lookout, though. These guns are are going to go fast.