Awesome First Deer Reaction for One Lucky Little Boy

This is what hunting is all about.

We all remember back when we shot our first deer. My son is two years old, and I can't wait to share this experience with him someday. Overall, I think a 6-year-old is ready to hunt, but it still depends on the maturity of the child. Regardless, this first-deer reaction is just priceless. The reaction of the father is pretty good, too!

"We only needed one bullet," the son says. "Next time can we bring just one bullet?"

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Yeah, I think he'll learn down the road sometimes you need another round, but good for him getting it done with just one.

Unfortunately, there's been a lot of negativity surrounding this video from people that just don't understand it. Everybody grew up differently. This can be hard to understand for somebody who has never been exposed to this. However, if you grew up a little more rural, this is a way of life and a natural step in development.

I say there's a big congrats in order for this father. I'd rather see a kid out doing this than playing some video game.