Monster-Sized Cat
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Large, Mysterious Cat Caught on Video in Mississippi Still a Mystery

This isn't anything I want to see by my house. Check out this video of a mysterious cat in Mississippi.

Imagine you're just grabbing a bite to eat and you look out your window to see something very out of place. Something that is also very big and dangerous-looking. Something that you wouldn't want to run into in the woods late at night

That's what happened to David Sluder of Hernando, Mississippi. WREG Memphis reports that he was just stopping at a Wendy's when he captured the following clip of something mysterious walking nearby.

What is it? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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That is one huge something. He says he's roughly 100 yards away and that's as close as I would want to get to that thing. If it truly was a mountain lion or cougar, it was the melanistic color phase that is often labeled as "black panther." If it is a big cat, it is unusual for it to come out in the open like this, they normally shy away from humans completely.

WREG reports there was no identification as to what this cat was exactly. While the guy who shot the video swears that it was far too large to be a house cat. He claimed the animal was similar to a medium-sized dog, which would rule out the domestic cat theory. However, it is worth noting that the experts are usually skeptical of claims of a black panther or other large cat running around. In many instances these sightings are chalked up as misidentifying a known animal.

Panthers and cougars have been supposedly extinct in Mississippi for years, so this video left many scratching their heads. The other theory that often makes the rounds after a sighting like this is an animal that is an escaped pet or got loose from an exotic zoo. We may never know the full truth of this strange sighting.