Film Crew Cited for Using Bait

While filming a TV show, two women were cited for allegedly baiting deer.

In Rockville, Indiana, two women were cited for baiting deer while attempting to film a TV show. Fox 59 reports Jody Davies and Sarah Ross are facing several charges, including hunting deer with bait and illegally taking deer.

Fox 59 also reports the charges came after a three-year investigation. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources found and documented a number of baited stands the two women were using. Officers have identified stands in Parke and Putnam counties starting back in 2015.

Major outdoor magazines have featured Davies for two trophy-class whitetails taken in 2015 and 2016. Davies also films for Outdoor TV, and during the time of the citation, she was filming Ross (not for a TV show).

There are two sides to every coin, however, and I've managed to dig a little further. Indiana law states all substances placed for animal consumption, along with the affected soil, must be completely removed 10 days before hunting. According to a post on Jody's Facebook page, she was using a mineral lick in front of her trail cameras, which was removed 16 days before the hunting season. She was unaware that she was responsible to dig up the soil around the lick. Not aware of doing anything wrong, she filmed Sarah Ross while hunting a location 50 yards away from the mineral location. She's since cleaned up the mineral location. Davies also stated in the post that the whitetails taken in 2015 and 2016 were taken at a different location where they didn't use mineral blocks.

I will let you decide if this seems like an honest mistake or a blatant violation.