Sneak Peek at the New Juna Incase, a Bed Built for Gun Lovers and Home Defense

The Juna Incase bed is about to revolutionize home defense.

Chances are high, if you're reading this, there's a trusted firearm somewhere near your bedside. That could be where you store your everyday carry piece at night. Or it could be where you keep the "intruder alarm" firearm. Either way, you want quick access to a gun at night in the event the unthinkable happens. So where do you put it? In the night stand? Under the bed? How about in the bed? That's right. Thanks to the Juna Incase bed, your newest gun storage location just moved into your bed.

The Juna Incase in-bed safe is the brainchild of Justin Waggoner and the team over at Juna Sleep Systems. It might just be the most advanced blend of technology, security, and comfort ever created. Juna makes high quality beds at a fraction of the cost of the big brands. But that's not all. The Juna beds have a slew of sweet features. And they just developed their most high-tech option yet. The Juna Incase system.

The Juna Incase is a biometric safe that stores your favorite self-defense cuddle buddy inside your bed. But it doesn't stop there. You can also charge your phone and control the lamps in your room all from the easy access panel near the head of the bed.

Not a fan of the biometric option? No worries. You can also access the safe via a 4-button combination lock or a traditional barrel key.

The Juna Incase bed is currently in development. Watch Wide Open Spaces for a follow up review to see first hand how the system actually works. In the meantime, sign up here to keep up with the latest news on the launch of the Juna Incase bed.

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