"Dear Local School District..." Marine Vet Writes Touching Open Letter About Wadded Up US Flag

A marine veteran and now Coca-Cola delivery man in South Dakota taught local high school students a valuable lesson by leading by example.

Nolan Ruby was on his usual route through Eastern South Dakota, and the day was starting out like most days do for this Marine veteran as he loaded up his Coca Cola delivery truck and hit the road.

A short while later, Nolan found himself in the football field house of one local high school, no doubt set to replenish the supply of Diet Coke and Mellow Yellow that the concession stand had gone through at the football game the Friday night before. At that moment, Nolan stumbled across our national colors, wadded up on a shelf. He then did as many combat vets would and took it upon himself to properly fold and display the flag. But our story doesn't stop there.


Nolan then took to Facebook to write a brief and good-natured open letter to the school district. In true badass marine fashion, he also suggested that if the school needed further flag etiquette instructions, he'd gladly come back and offer lessons. Nolan's original Facebook post has received over 180,000 shares and is still climbing.

We salute you, Mr. Ruby! And we want to thank you for both your service and for this beautiful lesson!

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