The HHA Virtus is the Premium Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Drop-away rests have become the gold standard, and the HHA Virtus is a smooth machine with the easiest setup around.

HHA Sports has been the leader of one-pin sights for a very long time in the archery world. They have excellent products that perform day in and day out, helping hunters harvest their quarry all across the world.

Now, HHA has brought a premium drop-away rest to the market, and the results are simply awesome.

With a whole year and a half in the making, HHA put together the Virtus, and it's a drop-away arrow rest that's dominating a lot of talk in the archery shops here as of late.

HHA Virtus

The term "Virtus" actually comes from Ancient Rome, describing things of excellence, worth, courage and valor. So, right off the bat, HHA is trying to brand this piece of equipment to perform at a high level and leave a legacy of its own.

When I first got into archery hunting, I could remember the buzz that floated around whisker biscuit arrow rests. If you didn't have one on your archery hunting bow, you were crazy! Well, almost two decades later, technology has advanced and I feel as if the drop-away rest is now the go-to option.

The Virtus from HHA has put a few of its own twists on an already-great product concept, making it the gold standard for archery hunting arrow rests in my opinion.

Because bowhunters weigh in on every aspect of the product, its features consider any situation that might surface during an archery hunt.

A full-containment rest, the Virtus is always going to hold your arrow in place once you knock it and cock the rest.

This allows you a full range of motion without worrying about your arrow falling out of place while on a stalk or if you're maneuvering through brush or your blind while trying to make a shot. This might not cross your mind when buying an arrow rest, but it'll be something that might cost you a hunt if you don't have it. Once you trigger your bow for release, the drop-away mechanism falls out and gives your fletchings complete clearance every time.

Like most fall-away rests, the Virtus has felt on the arrow rest to dampen and reduce noise on your arrows. But, HHA laser cuts all of their felt, giving it a clean look and eliminating possible hazards of it peeling off and causing issues.

Cocking the rest is super simple, too, because HHA has built in an ergonomic thumb lever that's perfectly situated in the middle or bottom portion of the rest. While holding your bow, it's super easy to reach up with your thumb and either cock or uncock your rest.

The bread and butter of the Virtus rest in my eyes is the simple setup compared to other drop-away rests I've used in the past. HHA has included the "Gator Grip Cord Clamp," which is a no-slip, no-burn, and no-fuss adjustment piece that allows you as an archer to set up and time your Virtus very quickly.

I've had some bad experiences with taking drop-away rests to be set up in archery shops. The Virtus is designed to where you can do this process very quickly and very easily yourself with the help of the full-draw indicator lines and the adjustable cord clamp. Rather than trying to explain it in words or photos, I came across this video from HHA that was extremely helpful for my setup experience.

HHA has also integrated their own patented latch-and-break system into the Virtus. With this system, they claim the Virtus is the smoothest and most reliable rest on the market. So far, there's no argument here.

As a hardcore bowhunter, I have put hundreds of arrows through my Virtus, and I can confirm that it's extremely smooth and seems superior to other drop-away rests I've had on my bows over the last five hunting seasons or so.

Overall, the Virtus arrow rest is a well-tuned archery machine. It provides bowhunters with an already-great product and adds some loaded features to make it stand apart from the competition.

It doesn't matter if you have a top-of-the line Mathews or an entry-level bow. It doesn't matter if you hold the bow with your right hand or your left hand. If you're debating whether or not you should update the rest on your bow, the Virtus fall-away rest is an exceptional option.