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The Gutless, Bloodless, Quick and Easy Method of Cleaning Grouse

Randy Newberg demonstrates his easy and efficient method of cleaning grouse. No guts, no blood, no muss, no fuss.

Here's a quick and easy method for cleaning grouse or other upland game birds that won't leave you with bloody fingers and hands, and makes for some clean and well prepared pieces of bird flesh ready for the cooker.

Randy Newberg relays a story where he met a fellow elk hunter who was covered in blood. Assuming that this fellow had cleaned an elk and had gotten blood all over himself, Newberg offered to lend a hand. The fellow joyfully relayed that he had just shot his first grouse. In cleaning it he had likely performed a less than efficient job, and had subsequently covered himself in the bird's blood.

This sparked Newberg's desire to make a quick tutorial video on how he cleans grouse without all of the blood and guts.

First you quickly peel the skin from the breast. Then the key is to use your index finger at both the bottom and the top of the breast and simply pull it away from the body, effectively popping or rolling the breast away from the innards and spine of the bird.

That leaves you with a clean and full breast with wings attached. Remove the wings with a multiplier tool, using the pliers to snap the bone and the knife to cut through the flesh.

Perform basically the same task with the legs, separating them at the hip and the feet.

Newberg says that he can clean a grouse in three or four minutes using this method. I'd say that he can do it in significantly less time.

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