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When an Elk Hunt Turns into a Grouse Hunt

grouse hunt

When does a grouse hunt supercede an elk hunt? Why as soon as you see a grouse, that’s when! These guys take a few minutes to bag some timber chickens.

Randy Newberg and Corey Jacobsen take some time on their hike into elk country to shoot a few grouse. This impromptu grouse hunt is one that many hunters can identify with.

I feel the same way when hunting whitetails and I see a ruffed grouse. I may be hunting whitetails, but when grouse appear they become the target.

I also follow Newberg’s advice to carry a small game or field point in my quiver for this very reason. Except I carry two. Ruffed grouse are hard to come by and you don’t want to pass up an opportunity at one if you can help it.

“You can always hear another elk,” says Newberg. “But you never know when you’re going to find another grouse.”

Truth! Haha…

Newberg laughs, “I’ve even been known to ruin a really nice broadhead, for the sake of a grouse.”

Newberg even goes so far as to carry a 20 gauge in the back of his truck, should he see some grouse on the way to his elk hunting area.

“Be ready. Shoot ’em. And eat ’em!”

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When an Elk Hunt Turns into a Grouse Hunt