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Bowhunting Grouse in the Northwoods of Ontario


The sights and sounds of nature from September through November in Northeastern Ontario. Bowhunting grouse is just an excuse to get outside.

From the thick undergrowth of September to the snow covered trees and berms of November, there’s a grouse bowhunting gallery of opportunity here in Northeastern Ontario.

Our hero misses as many grouse as he hits. And he takes the time to enjoy the view from the edge of a river falls or shore of a lake. That’s what makes this video so refreshing, so real and honest.

His companion, the dog named Peaks, provides some measure of silent commentary on the proceedings, taking each hit or miss in stride, just happy to be out and about in the woods.

Shooting a Martin traditional bow and a handful of arrows, we get the feeling that if grouse were what was for supper we’d be eating from a can often enough. But grouse are not really what the target is here. Rather this is a labor of love, a reason to get out and experience the country.

Bowhunting for grouse is a project for people who enjoy the pursuit, not so much the reward of grouse in hand. We dwell on the misses, picking up a handful of feathers and wondering at how close he came, but was unable to connect. Every shot is grand theater.

The views from the trails and the bow of the canoe make the effort worthwhile. The views from inside of the cabin on rainy days makes those times worthwhile too. Time is slowed down.

It’s good to be alive, wandering after grouse with a bow and arrows.



Ruffed Grouse Drumming Ensemble: Music for the Ladies

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Bowhunting Grouse in the Northwoods of Ontario