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The Googan Squad: Who Are They, and What Do They Do?

Meet the Googan Squad: the dream team of anglers taking over the modern day fishing scene.

Whether or not you subscribe to the YouTube channels of these popular online fishing personalities, chances are you've certainly heard of the "Googan Squad." And, if not, you're about to tap into one of the biggest fishing movements of the 21st Century.

Creating content, specifically YouTube videos focused on exploratory fishing adventures, fuels the group's fire. And, the public has responded. Not only is the merchandise cup overflowing, but the popularity of these anglers and their gear is achieving new heights.

But who are these guys? What are they trying to accomplish? Where can you learn more or follow along with their adventures?

We set out to gather as much info as we could and put it all in one place. If you've had questions about the Googan Squad, they're likely addressed below.

Who are the Googan Squad members?

The original six members of the esteemed Googan Squad are as follows: Rob Terkla (also known as LunkersTV), Andrew Flair, Jon Barzacchini (aka Jon B.), Alex Peric (aka APBassing), Justin Rackley (aka Lake Fork Guy), and Michael Hsiao (aka 1Rod1ReelFishing). 

Recently added to the Squad was Loren Johnson, or Lojo Fishing, who falls neatly into the fishing influencer category and naturally fits well with the group. There are a few more friends who appear in Googan Squad member videos, and are borderline members themselves. The group is managed by Matt Kendrick.

These young anglers-turned-YouTube-stars have made their mark on fishing as well as their wallets. According to Stat Smash, LunkersTV is worth about $1.2 million, and Alex Peric is worth somewhere between $1 million and $5 million dollars. It's fair to say that catching fish, recording it, and posting it online has become a very lucrative pastime for everyone in the group.

A lot has happened since the Googan Squad started in 2016. First we saw the emergence of Googan Baits, and now fans around the world over can buy apparel such as hats, T-shirts, outerwear, sweatpants, hoodies, sunglasses and, of course, fishing tackle.

On top of that, the Googan Squad is now offering a new series of fishing rods meant to handle several styles and methods of fishing.

Though the rods are so new they're still on preorder (as of early August 2020), plenty of gear, apparel, and fishing equipment is up for grabs online. Plus, they have a brick and mortar storefront you can check out at 2345 Nail Road, Krum, Texas 76249.

Let's take a look at each of the members and what they bring to the group.

1. Lake Fork Guy

According to Karl's Bait, "Texas native and big bass snatcher Justin Rackley has been been popping up all over the fishing industry for years. His positive attitude paired with a passion for the outdoors has helped turn Lake Fork Guy into a household name in the bass world."

Obviously the venerable Lake Fork Reservoir, located in Wood, Rains, and Hopkins counties in the Lone Star State is where this 34-year-old angling pro cut his teeth bass fishing.

His YouTube channel is one of the most popular fishing channels on the video sharing site and is replete with big bass catches, irreverence, and sometimes even his dad, affectionately known as Lake Fork Dad.

2. LunkersTV

Rob "LunkersTV" Terkla is  a 30-year-old from Fort Worth that is more than just a veteran of the fishing scene, he is a veteran warrior that served our country in Afghanistan and Iraq. With more than a million subscribers to his YouTube channel you can rest assured that this angler has got what it takes to catch fish.

Terkla has also written a couple books, the latest of which is called "Earned Not Given: My Journey to Becoming A Hunter Of Man" and can be purchased on Amazon.

3. Flair

Andrew Flair is as at in his home state of Nebraska as he is out on his kayak catching what the Googan Squad kiddingly calls "Flair fish."

This 23-year-old fisherman, hunter, and former sports star from the Cornhusker State has a knack for reeling in some of the nation's smallest catches, but make no mistake—this top-notch angler has boated huge muskies, bass, and dropped as many birds with his shotgun as he has fishing rods off of the boat.

Flair also has a knack for the humorous side with his videos of golf course pond fishing in a ghillie suit, scope cam bullfrog hunting, and taking a gun to go ice fishing.

4. apbassing

Alex Peric is as 23-year-old from Chicago that is well known for his APbassing YouTube channel as he is for the travel vlog he writes. His humor is as sharp as the hooks that he uses and he is fully capable of catching big fish anywhere, including catching a lunker smallmouth bass on a piece of romaine lettuce!

This Illinois native studied at the University of Alabama starting in 2015 and before that, he started uploading his videos to YouTube in 2012.

5. Jon B.

Jon Barzacchini, a 24-year-old from Illinois, has garnered nearly 1.5 million subscribers on his personal YouTube channel. His videos see him fishing anywhere from Disney World to Africa to downtown Austin, Texas. Long gone are the days of just being a "goofy kid" and MTB Hat intern, Jon B. has now come in to his own as a technically great fisherman and videographer.

6. 1Rod1ReelFishing

Michael Hsiao was an original member of the group, left in 2017 after a falling out with the members, and then rejoined in 2019. The 29-year-old is famous for his irreverent fishing videos such as the grocery store challenge and fishing with the worst lures in the world.

He has over one million subscribers to his YouTube channel whose videos get over a million views regularly.

Aside from using and selling items like their Mondo worm, slim shake worm, and the Googan baits bandito bug, this well assembled group of of six former solo anglers has now become a force to be reckoned with in the angling world.

Before these guys became a group, they were everyday anglers like you and me, the difference being that they each were determined to become the best fishermen they could be, gain fame for doing just that, and share that knowledge with the rest of us.

Now with millions of followers, these six fishermen from different walks of life have burst onto the scene by way of their popular videos. 

With great media outlets like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to share their exploits and knowledge on, they soon became known for their individual fishing prowess using their own line of lures including jigs, soft plastics, swimbaits, topwater, crankbaits, and other hard baits which they offer to all anglers on their website. 

Maybe the best thing that we can do is to watch and laugh right along with them. We may even learn something along the way!

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