The Fish Are Waiting for You, Let's Dance!

Is this a synchronized fish swimming team? This video is sure to leave you with a smile.

A lot of times we take the sport of fishing to seriously. Reading article after article trying to find the next best equipment and the tips and tactics that will put us on bigger fish, right?

But today we are going to take a step back and just simply enjoy this hilarious video for what it is worth. Now of course, we see this and still think 'Man, that would be a heck of a place to take a bowfishing reel and cast a few nets or lines!' But that is not what this is about.

That musical tune and that guy's moves... it's pretty much priceless.

The fish are waiting on you, so let's dance! This brings a whole new meaning to swimming with the fishes, doesn't it? It almost looks as if this is a synchronized fish swimming team that comes on cue with the music.

If anything this guy has a new fishing spot.

Too funny.

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