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This Dad Tells His Son That He Sold the Boat, and the Reaction is Priceless


This father pranks his son while the boat is in the shop, and the boy’s reaction is priceless.

Angler Dwight Martinez of Whiteville, North Carolina had to take his boat into the shop for some repairs, and took the opportunity to play a little joke on his son to see how he might react if they had to get rid of the boat.

Little Conrad is emotional, hysterical, crying and obviously very upset about the boat being “sold.” Martinez says, “I didn’t expect this reaction. I was joking with him. He takes fishing with daddy seriously.”

Five-year-old Conrad fishes the Waccamaw River and Black River with his dad in their Ranger boat, claiming Lake Waccamaw as their home waters.


Being an only child, his father Dwight says “He loves to do everything I love to do!” Conrad has been tagging along since he was only three. “Initially he just rode along, but was terrified by the wind being in his face. Now he begs to go faster!” said Martinez.

After Dwight’s little prank upset little Conrad, he felt obligated to make it up to him the next day and posted an apology video, surprising him with a new spinning rod and reel and news that the boat will soon be out of the shop so they can get back on the water.

Martinez asks his son to forgive him for making him cry, and says “I love you!” Conrad, consumed by the excitement of his new fishing rod says “I love this thing!”


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This Dad Tells His Son That He Sold the Boat, and the Reaction is Priceless