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The Failed American Bullpup Rifle: The Bushmaster M17S

bushmaster m17s

There was once a bullpup rifle made by Bushmaster.

Sadly, the Bushmaster M17S  rifle just never caught on. Ian from Forgotten Weapons takes a look at the Bushmaster M17S.

Here is a forgotten weapon from modern history that I personally owned a few years back. The Bushmaster M17S was an American made bullpup rifle that sounded like a great idea. In reality, it was not so great.

The short overall length but longer barrel gave the shooter great ballistics in a small package. The trigger pull was notoriously heavy, long and just nasty. The magazine well required sanding to make G.I. standard magazines to drop free. I could keep going on about negative aspects which caused me to part ways with this rifle.

Special thanks to Ian from Forgotten Weapons for taking a look at this out of production rifle. It sure brought back memories for this shooter.


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The Failed American Bullpup Rifle: The Bushmaster M17S