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How Accurate is the Custom .308 Saiga Rifle? [VIDEO]

Can a custom .308 Saiga rifle be a tack driver?

These shooters are about to find out.

Watch as this customized Saiga .308 rifle makes us believers.

The Saiga .308 rifle is the child of the famous AK-47 rifle. It is as tough and unstoppable as the AK-47, and it’s chambered in the hard hitting .308 Winchester caliber. With a Magpul PRS stock and a Houge rubberized grip the furniture is quite comfortable. Oh yes, and the groups are just over 1.5″ at 100 yards.

That is quite remarkable for a semi-automatic rifle of any style or make. This rifle is certainly a keeper in our book. It is hog and deer ready.

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How Accurate is the Custom .308 Saiga Rifle? [VIDEO]