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The “Calm Queen” Knows How to Handle a Bear Encounter

They're calling a NJ hiker the "Calm Queen" after this extraordinary bear encounter.

25-year-old Julia Tupy, of Eatontown, New Jersey was enjoying the view at the "Stairway to Heaven" rock formation in the township of Vernon when an adult black bear came out of the woods to investigate her and her friends. 

The NJ resident and her comrades used soft voices and slow movements to calmly back away and let the bear share the view with them for a while before it ran back into the woods. The video has since gone viral, giving Tupy the nickname "Calm Queen" for how cool and collected she was as the bear approached.

The Daily Voice quoted Tupy as saying, "I was so scared. We do go hiking a lot but I guess you don't really realize what you're capable of or how to handle things until you're in the situation."

This video is a great testament as to how a situation can remain safe with calm thinking.

Her friend Joe Kun, also of Eatontown and the man that took the video, said, "The video shows that as long as you have the right reaction and stay calm, everyone can come out okay without any problems."

Certainly his calm demeanor and soothing voice in the video had to help. When wild animals, especially bears, see something run away from them, their first reaction is usually to follow, or worse, chase it down.

As it can be seen in the video, there were multiple hikers in the group which surely helped dissuade the bear from getting any closer, but black bears, like any bear, are curious, strong willed, and if hungry or acting territorially can and will be aggressive towards humans.

Thankfully all is well, and these folks only came home with a great story and no claw marks! Have you ever had a bear get this close to you?

If you're headed into bear country, do you have the supplies and equipment to keep yourself safe if they're called upon?

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