Florida Woman Steps Out for Coffee and Into an Alligator Fight

A Fort Meyers woman just wanted a cup of coffee, but almost had to referee an alligator fight outside her front door.

When Susan Geshel decided to go for a hot cup of her favorite coffee blend back in early June, she couldn't have known what it was that awaited her just outside of her house in Fort Meyers, Florida: two bruising alligators that were about to go the distance!

While two gators brawling in the Sunshine State isn't exactly news to Floridians, we thought that you might like to see what these southerners have to deal with from time to time. It's just that these two brutes picked her sidewalk for the location of their scrap.

ABC News reported Geshel as saying, "They made a mess on the front door."

Since alligators tend to mate in May and June, it's no surprise to some that these two were spotted going toe to toe. We're pretty sure that Ms. Geshel would have preferred this championship match to take place somewhere else.

Geshel even said that one of the alligators had his snout pushed right on her door while the other was a small distance away with its mouth wide open, ready for a fight. After about 20 minutes or so, one of the lively alligators walked across the street towards a neighbor's house while the other disappeared, possibly going to a nearby pond.

During the alligator's spring mating season, the males will bellow, head slap, and use other forms of gator courtship to attract a mate. Sometimes two males will fight, even to the death, over mating rights or territory.

Roaring Earth says, "Male alligators are solitary and can be quite territorial. ... So, when two males are in each other's "personal space," they'll often fight each other in a nasty turf war. Prior to participating in such fights, the male (and female) alligators will emit low bellowing and hissing sounds to attract mates and ward of rivals."

Having them do all this right on your front doorstep has got to be intimidating, even for a staunch Floridian!

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