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The Bronco is Returning! Everything We Know About the 2020 Ford Bronco

The Ford F-150 Raptor, Ranger, and Jeep Wrangler will have some new off-road competition soon — or, rather, some old competition, because the Ford Bronco is making a comeback! Ford has plans to release a new Bronco in 2020, which will be the first Bronco model year in almost two and a half decades.

What can we expect from the new Ford Bronco? Here, we'll go over everything we know so far about the new Bronco from how much it will cost to what engine it might have.

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The 2020 Bronco

We don't know much about the new Bronco, yet. So, as much as we would like to tell you all about how the new Bronco will have a turbo V-6 engine with EcoBoost, certain lb-ft. of torque, trims, styling, 10-speed automatic transmission, and seven-speed manual transmission options, we just can't.

We do know that the new Bronco will be a four-door, four-wheel-drive mid-size SUV. Two cool features that have also been confirmed are removable doors and top, which will store in the cargo hold. There are also confirmations of a "Baby Bronco" version which will be released with the standard Bronco.

The Baby Bronco

So far, we know even less about the Baby Bronco except that it will be a smaller, two-door version of the standard Bronco. Dealers have gotten their first look, but very little information has been released to the public. You can probably count on the Baby Bronco costing a bit less, which might say something about the standard new Bronco's price.

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2020 Ford Bronco Price

The new Bronco doesn't have a price tag yet, but we do wonder if the availability of a smaller, potentially cheaper option signifies that the standard 2020 Ford Bronco price will be aimed at the premium and luxury off-roading markets. This would also make sense as Ford wouldn't want to compete with its own new off-road economy vehicle, the 2019 Ford Ranger.

When Will the 2020 Bronco Be Released?

All we know so far is that the new Bronco will be in Ford's 2020 World Wide Automobile Portfolio. Traditionally, this would mean a release date somewhere in the world in late 2019. Given that the 2020 Ford Bronco and Baby Bronco will be manufactured at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, the chances are high that this late-2019 release will be in North America.


So, we don't know that much about the Bronco, yet. But that doesn't mean it's too early to start speculating. If you have any premonitions about what the new Bronco will be like, leave a comment below and share with your friends on social media!

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