YouTube/The MeatEater

The Boat Takes Center Stage in the Brand New MeatEater Fishing Series

Check out the new series from The MeatEater crew, 'Das Boat.'

The trailer for the first ever fishing-centric video series from MeatEater, Inc. has dropped, and by the looks of things, viewers are in for a treat.

The show is called "Das Boat," and it's not your typical grip-and-grin-based fishing show.

Take a look at the trailer, and get the full scoop below.

What a sweet concept for a fishing show, huh?!

You've got to love the premise; buying a crummy boat, letting your fishing friends add their touch, and take it 2,500 miles across the country for some serious adventure. A 1989 Alumacraft V16 with a 50-year-old engine is basically every boat-less fisherman's dream, no?

Joined by the likes of JT Van Zandt, Alvin Dedeaux (shout out to the local Austin area guide!), Oliver Ngy, April Vokey, and other angling buddies of the MeatEater team, Steven Rinella is finally featured in a fishing-specific series.

It appears to include everything we love about The MeatEater TV show, but catered directly towards anglers and their love of the water.

According to the YouTube video description, the first episode of "Das Boat" will air August 15th at 11:00 a.m. MST, with new episodes coming out every Thursday. A total of six episodes will debut.

We'll be tuning in, will you?