Youth Hunting Clothes

The Best Youth Hunting Clothes for Young Outdoorsmen and Women

These kids' hunting clothes options will help them hunt harder and longer.

We don't feel we're telling you anything you don't already know when we say hunting is losing the youth. It's tough to compete with so many diverging interests competing for the attention of kids these days.

One way to hook them on big game hunting is to make sure they're warm and comfortable during long waits in a treestand or blind. Buying the right hunting clothing will help you to accomplish that.

Here are 15 options for youth hunting clothing that will help ensure they don't quit because of the elements.

RedHead Silent Stalker Youth Jacket

This Silent Stalker Hunting jacket is both waterproof and windproof and features ThermoLite micro insulation to help keep young hunters warm on cold days. It also features handwarmer pockets and a storm flap to help with exposure to the elements.

The longer your young hunters can sit, the better his or her odds. This jacket comes in two camo patterns, a simple digital camo and a more traditional sticks and leaves, Realtree-style camo. It's priced at $80.

RedHead Silent Stalker Youth Bibs

If you hunt particularly cold climates, bibs are almost always a better option than hunting pants simply because they help seal off areas where cold air can seep in around the waist. Combined with the proper base layers, young hunters will be able to put in more time in pursuit of bucks or waterfowl. These would also be excellent for ice fishing.

These bibs feature many of the same features as the jacket above, making the two a prime hunting outfit for a younger hunter. These bibs are priced at $80.

Drake Waterfowl Youth Non-Typical Endurance

This polyester and fleece Drake Outerwear Jacket should do an excellent job of helping young hunters from getting too chilled too quickly while in the stand or blind. This is a good option for places with moderately cold weather.

This jacket features a ¼-zip design which means less seams for cold air to pass through. It comes in both Realtree and Mossy Oak camo and is decently priced at $60.

Carhartt Kid's Work Realtree Xtra Camo Active Jacket

While this Carhartt jacket is marketed as a "work jacket," it will work for hunting. It features a quilted flannel lining and a built-in hood. It also comes in a popular Realtree camo pattern.

This one might require a base layers of a T-shirt and hoodie underneath, but it should work for hunting in moderately cold climates. Carhartt is a good brand for durability for those active kids who are rough on their gear. This jacket is priced at $90.

Rocky Junior Prohunter Youth Waterproof Camo Coveralls

If you hunt in a colder northern state like Michigan or Wisconsin, coveralls are a good choice for younger hunters in November or December. The design traps a young hunter's body heat without worrying that it will begin seeping out through the seams.

These Rocky Prohunter coveralls feature Polyfill insulation in a windproof design with Realtree camo to help younger hunters blend in with their surroundings. The price ranges from $65-100, but will be worth the investment for keeping a young hunter warm.

Girls' Little Camo Mountain View Jacket

We know it's tough for female hunters to find quality hunting clothing, and even more so for youth female hunters. Thankfully, Carhartt has plenty of options. This Mountain View Jacket comes in Realtree Xtra camo and features a full zipper and storm flap.

Keep in mind this one is water and wind resistant but not waterproof. It's probably best suited for sits in a covered blind. Prices range from $80-110 on Amazon.

RedHead Youth Silent Hide Pants

If you're looking for a pair of hunting pants, these are a sold option for young hunters. The reviews for these Redhead Silent Hide pants on Cabela's are solid and mention people using them for both boys and girls.

These are a 60/40 cotton and polyester mix and feature plenty of pockets for a young hunter's gear. These pants are priced right at $30. They're a good option if you're anticipating your young hunter to quickly outgrow most clothing you're buying anyway.

RedHead True-Fit Short Sleeve T-shirt

Most youth hunting seasons these days are held around early and mid-September when temperatures are still likely to be high. In those circumstances, the last thing you want is a heavy coat that feels more like a sleeping bag in a hot box blind while waiting for that big buck to come through.

This is a simple T-shirt available in a variety of sizes for boys and girls going on their first hunt ever in warmer conditions and where you don't need a ton of concealment. At just $7.99 each, you could buy a variety of sizes to replace shirts quickly as your child grows.

Under Armour Zephyr Fleece

If conditions are too cold for a short sleeve, but too hot for a jacket, this Under Armour Fleece is a good in-between option for young hunters because it's lightweight and durable. But it should also offer just enough warmth for those chilly early archery season mornings.

This long sleeve shirt also comes in three different camo patterns. The price is $60, but your young hunter will probably get additional use of it beyond hunting.

King's Camo Kids Six Pocket Classic Pants

Here is another simple pair of kid's hunting pants that should be perfect for most early to mid-season purposes. These are good option for fast-growing kids that may quickly outgrow them. They come in a Realtree Edge pattern that will blend in nicely.

One thing to note, most of the reviews state these are often smaller than advertised. We'd suggest buying a size or two larger. These have a great price of just $27.

Gamehide Youth ElimiTick Jacket

Another great option for early season youth deer seasons. This Gamehide jacket comes with an "Insect Shield" technology that uses permethrin to make this jacket bug resistant. That's a good factor to consider when taking a youth hunter for the first time, because nothing will spoil their first hunting experience quicker than constantly swatting a ton of mosquitoes or chiggers. This jacket is priced at $49.

Gamehide Youth ElimiTick Pants

These Gamehide pants are just like the jacket we highlighted above. They use insect repelling technology to make those early season hunts more comfortable and enjoyable.

These pants aren't cheap at $40, but when you're trying to hook a youth on the outdoors for life, that investment may pay off if it helps them stay in the woods longer.

Drake Waterfowl Young Guns Eqwader 3-N-1 Plus 2 Wader

If you're looking for more bang for your buck (pun intended) on a youth hunting jacket, this is a good option. This Drake Young Guns Eqwader Coat features winder and waterproof technology for tough conditions and comes in a classic Mossy Oak Shadow Grass pattern. It's pricey at $189, but this coat can be reversed and worn with or without the shell depending on the type of hunt and weather conditions.

According to reviews on, this coat is sized small, so we recommend ordering slightly large for your growing hunter to get more use out of it.

Drake Waterfowl Youth Young Guns LST Insulated Bibs

These Drake Waterfowl Insulated Bibs are expensive at $129, but they're sure to be comfortable and warm, helping to build a love of the outdoors that's sure to last a lifetime.

These bibs feature 180-gram Polyfill insulation and are reinforced at the knees and seat to help slow wear. They also feature hand warmer pockets and a call pouch. Drake Waterfowl offers these in a classic Shadow Grass or Realtree Max-5 pattern, perfect for your child joining you over a spread of decoys while waiting for ducks and geese.

Rocky Junior ProHunter Waterproof Insulated Hooded Jacket

This Rocky Junior ProHunter Jacket will work well for colder weather with its Polyfill insulation, drawcord waist and cuffs that can be adjusted to keep body heat in and cold air out. The hood for this jacket is removable. As bonus, the whole thing is waterproof.

This one is available in both Mossy Oak Break-Up and Realtree APX camo patterns, depending on your preferences. The price is $50.

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