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The Life: A Traditional Bowhunting Film

"The hunt's not about the kill. It's about life."

This can be true of any hunting experience, but there is truly something primal about traditional bowhunting. The closeness to the game and the intimacy with the hunt is captured well in The Life by The Push Archery.

The Push Archery has over 3700 followers on their YouTube channel and over a quarter of a million views. That doesn't come as a surprise when you view this film which captures the heart of a traditional archer.

There is a feeling beyond words when you pick up any weapon to begin a hunt. That feeling becomes more intense when you take the step to experience more primitive forms of hunting. One of the most intense ways to capture the essence of hunting is to do it with a traditional bow (recurve or longbow).

Granted, I suppose you could go back to grappling with your prey, but let's stay focused for a minute. Atlatls and  spears would bring a difference level as well, but until most states begin offering these opportunities as hunting seasons the traditional bow is your avenue to the past.


The Life: A Traditional Bowhunting Film