trick shot longbow

Real or Fake? Watch an Insane Trick Shot With a Longbow

It's almost like a magic trick, you can even slow it down frame-by-frame, but ultimately, it's a real trick shot with a longbow.

There's something about watching someone who is really good at whatever it is they are doing. Mike Tyson in the ring, Gretzky on the ice, and Kravitz on the guitar, they're all amazing.

But they didn't get there by luck, it takes hard work. Hard work and a great deal of practice. What you enjoy watching, or when seeing a celebrity, you are seeing someone who is really good at what they do because they have practiced and perfected whatever it is that they do.

Now I'm not saying the guy in this video has done something so outstanding that it's unbelievable, but I'm also not going to downplay it. Something like this takes practice to make it perfect and it's really cool to see those who just love to shoot, taking the extra time to perfect a craft and then some.

Take a look as this guy perfectly times a shot where he slides an arrow into two bottles swinging in front of his target.

I love to shoot my bow and after just recently getting into the traditional bows, my goal will be able to do this by next year. Of course my first goal will be to hit the target at twenty yards, but hey you have to start somewhere.

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