The Best New Pistols You Need to Know About


These are three of the best new pistols we've gotten to shoot, and you should familiarize yourself with them now.

If you want to see, shoot, and scrutinize over the newest guns set to hit the market, Industry Day at the Range is the place to do it. Happening each year the day before SHOT Show officially opens, Industry Day gives every major gun company a venerable red carpet for their latest firearm creations.

Media, buyers, and industry professionals still need an invite, and each year we go it gets better and better.

We had the opportunity to shoot a lot of semiautomatic handguns, but three left us with strong impressions. We knew these were the new guns to keep an eye on for the next year, and we figured we might as well familiarize you with them while we can.

Mossberg MC1sc

If there was one handgun earning more buzz at Range Day than the others, it was probably the Mossberg MC1 subcompact. It's the brand's first foray into the handgun market, and from what we heard through the Mossberg representatives at the booth, they can barely hold on to them.

The 9mm MC1's unique takedown process is extremely simplified, and as we had it quickly demonstrated for us, it seemed like Mossberg was really onto something. Then we saw the see-through magazines, and wondered why more gun companies don't use them.

The MC1sc starts at $425 and goes up over $500 if you add night sights or a laser.


New for 2019, the GLOCK 43x instantly stands out from other GLOCKs thanks to the silver slide. It's not new to handguns, but it's new to GLOCK. Their black-on-black look has become something of an icon, and for them to step away is notable.

It's a nice, slim subcompact that still lets you maintain a good grip, and it feels just as secure with gloves on. The 43x is in 9x19 and has a 10-round magazine.

You can read more about the GLOCK 43x and the newly announced 48 in our recent post from the release. They should retail in the $450 price range.

Kimber Evo SP (CS)

When we held the Kimber Evo SP (CS) in our hand, it was like it was made just for us. The "CS" stands for "Custom Shop," meaning this isn't your run of the mill 9mm pistol from Kimber.

Stiplex-inspired slide serrations and a unique grip pattern that looks as awesome as it feels help the pistol stand out, but it's going to cost a little extra for the fancy finishing on the black aluminum frame. The Evo SP (CS) has an MSRP of $1,047.

You can tell concealed carry is a pretty big influence over new handguns, and that's okay with us. A good self-defense carry gun is typically a good gun in itself, and as the overall length gets smaller, gun tech gets smarter. Each new model that comes out that isn't full-size shouldn't be an indicator of lack of ideas.