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The Best Cold Weather Hunting Apparel for 2018

Make sure you have the right cold-weather hunting apparel for 2018.

It may be the early season for many hunters, but cold weather is on the way. Cold weather can be very challenging to hunt in if you aren't properly prepared.

Since late season can be a successful time to fill a tag, we're breaking down some of the best cold-weather hunting clothing for this 2018 season.

Are you prepared?

A Good Base

You should never overlook base layers when building a system to stay warm. There are a lot of great options, but my personal favorite would include merino wool. Merino wool has a high heat-to-weight ratio, which is great for the scent-conscious hunter. Merino wool naturally has antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties.

This year, I'm using Sitka Gear's merino base layers, and so far, I've found them to be extremely comfortable. And, they haven't gotten pungent after multiple days of use in hot weather and mid-season temperatures, either.

I did purchase the Merino Lightweight option, but I would assume the same quality for the Heavyweight. For the top and bottom base layers from Sitka, it'll cost around $300. However, it's fair to assume you'll be ready to go for many years to come.

KUIU is also known high-quality base layers. It's fair to say they have more of a selection for this product category with many different weights for specific adventures.

You can go with 100% cotton, like this Carhartt Cold Weather Crew, but you won't be getting as good of a product. Invest in merino, it's worth it.

Outer Shell

There are more options than ever for folks who want a good coat and pants for cold-weather hunting. For the whitetail hunter, there's one system that comes to mind first. If you like to hunt when there's a winter weather advisory, the Incinerator system from Sitka is a perfect choice. It's literally a wearable sleeping bag with all the technology to keep you safe from the wind and winter elements.

You have the option of both bibs and hunting pants, but I've found bibs to help hold in heat much better, and they allow for easier layering.


I'm not a huge glove person, but I understand it's needed for frigid temperatures. In years past, I would use convertible, fingerless wool gloves. They allow for the needed dexterity, but still keep your fingers plenty warm. That style of glove is easily my favorite for deer hunting in the winter.

You can't neglect your feet, and a merino/polyester blend is great for cold weather socks. A camo hat will make a big difference too; don't get caught without one. Or better yet, get a full face mask.

Warm hunting can come at a financial cost, but being warm is key to enjoying the entire season to the fullest.