South Carolina pet buck

South Carolina Family Asks Hunters Not to Shoot Pet Buck With Tape

South Carolina family pleads with hunters not shoot pet buck whose antlers they taped. 

A family in South Carolina "adopted" a pet buck and wrapped yellow tape around his antlers. They allow the deer to roam the nearby area off their property. Consequently, with hunting season in full swing they wanted to warn deer hunters and ask them not to shoot the pet buck. The South Carolina deer will travel off their Chester County property from time to time.

The post is no longer available, The State reported that it read, "Local hunters...please don't shoot the (7-point deer) with the yellow tape around his antlers."

Kena Lucas Funderburk says, "Also, if you happen to see George, shoot us a message and let us know where! Very interested to see how far he travels this season."

The family uses the hashtag "#dontshootGeorge."

According to the state, the family adopted the deer after its mother got hit by a car. The deer grew up around the children and pets the family had. The whitetail deer will travel and disappear for 3-6 months, but will always return back to their house.

Several folks are supporting Funderburk this deer season claiming, "you'll get a pass from us."

The young deer will likely travel several miles this fall as the deer breeding season begins. With South Carolina's long deer hunting season, only time will tell if George receives mercy from thousands of hunters.

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