The Best Car Shows in Florida

The best car shows in Florida is open to taste, and really is based on what you like in a car show.  

Car shows are like ice cream, most everyone likes it, but there are different flavors for different tastes.

I like to go to shows with a large variety of cars, a little something for everyone.

My friend, on the other hand, likes to go to Supercar shows where every car runs over a million dollars. I guess I'd rather see things that are obtainable for me, but that's my perrogative.

Let's look at a few of the better ones that are out in Florida.

Amelia Concours d'elegance

Started in 1996, this car show boasts the best of the best in rare cars.

The quality of cars here is hard to beat, and these are not going to be the kind you see at other car shows. However, it's not for everyone; it's an elegant event with wine and hors d'oeuvres, which usually calls for a dress code and, likely, very little engine revving.

It may not be up your alley, but you cannot deny the cars. The ones I've seen featured there are some of the rarest and best-looking cars I've personally laid eyes upon. The Amelia Concours d'elegance is a must, at least once, for every car nut.


Let's try something a little different now. Do you like lowered cars? How about lowered trucks? You'll find plenty of these at this show.

A well-sponsored and well-covered show, Slamfest is awesome; you'll find many of the best of the best when it comes to lowered vehicles.

This show comes highly recommended. Considering my first "nice" car was a lowered Mini Pickup truck, this one holds some special meaning.

Zephyrhills Auto events

This show, swap meet, and auction has been around for more than 26 years. You'll find all sorts of classic cars here to gawk at, and if you're looking for that special part you've been searching and searching for, you can't go wrong here.

They do a fall and winter event, so you have a few times to come and see these amazing cars. The auction goes for two days, and you can expect to deal with the owners of the cars in most cases.

Supercar Supershow

Taking place in Palm Beach County during January of 2018, Supercar Week features supercars and auto enthusiasts from around the world.

Their tagline is "Art & Technology of Speed & Design," and looking at the cars that come to this show, it's very obvious what they mean by that. If supercars are your thing, there's no better place to be.

These are just a few of the shows you'll find in Florida and I'm sure you have other ideas of what makes a show the best or simply mediocre.

What are some of your favorite shows? How do you define "best" when it comes to a car show?