Here’s What to Do Immediately After Buying a Car

Here's what you need to do right after driving from the new car lot.

Your endurance paid off. You withstood a barrage of calls and emails from the dealerships; you read car reviews and comparisons until you were about to go cross-eyed, and you've spent many nights tossing and turning thinking of the right car to get.

And now it's yours! Your shiny, new vehicle that you've worked so hard for. Now that you have it, what are your next steps?

1. Catch a buzz off your new car smell

When you step into your vehicle, you'll notice a fresh, baby powder odor. That smell is synonymous with new and it's important to savor it while you can.

The more you use your car and the more you introduce it to your family pet, the uncle who smells like a chimney, and others, the quicker the freshness disappears.

So go ahead, take a whiff of that smell while you can.

2. Kiss that depreciated value goodbye

Cars make terrible investments because the moment you drive it off the lot it depreciates by 10 percent or more. And within five years, a car could lose as much as 60 percent of its value, according to CARFAX. Those are sobering statistics.

However, don't let them make you feel bad about your purchase. Having a new car means you won't have to pay as much in maintenance costs over the first few years of ownership. And some dealerships offer free services such as oil changes and tire rotations for the first couple of years if you buy new.

3. Give your car a makeover

Along with the myriad of smells you can add to your vehicle's cabin, there are ways we go about decorating the interior as well.

Dropped French fries that become potato stones in time, loose change, lottery tickets, Publisher Clearinghouse letters, pens, kids' toys, pet hair, pet toys, and all sorts of other goodies await their new home in your car.