Trading in the 2-Seater for the Family Car

Is it time to swap a 2-seater for a family car? Tough call...

It's difficult to say goodbye to your vessel of fun.

You've been on many adventures together: late night drives to nowhere while blaring the radio and reflecting on life, going on first-dates, road trips, moving into your man cave.

But life happens. You found the love of your dreams, and now with a little one on the way, it's time to say goodbye to your two-seat companion who took you on your adventures. Here's what to expect when you trade in your two-seater for the family roadster, broken down in alternating pros and cons.

Pro: You'll Gain Convenience

Two-seaters have cramped interiors. It's their nature.

However, when you buy a sedan or SUV, what you'll find is something you might not have experienced before: legroom, space to store your items without creative maneuvering, ease of access into and out of your vehicle, and most vital, your most important passengers remain comfortable on their trips.

Con: You'll Sacrifice Performance

Gone are those days where you are waiting for the light to turn green so you can channel your inner Steve McQueen.

Now that isn't to say you won't experience some giddy-up with a sedan or SUV. Even their transmissions provide brisk acceleration prowess. But it won't be the same as the hot rodding days of your youth, so get used to it.

Pro: The Tech Features Are Awesome

Who's to say you still can't have fun on your commutes? Vehicle manufacturers equipped the family automobiles with the latest tech features, so whether you want to rock out on your solo missions or play videos to keep your kids entertained on longer trips, moving to the family wagon doesn't mean you have to give up your fun.

Con: You become part of the gang

One of the appeals of the two-seater is it gives you an ego boost. You are cruising down the road and perhaps you catch the eye of the envious dad or the gaze of a woman and it gives you the feeling of power. When you trade in your ego for the family caravan, that diminishes.

Instead of envious looks, you'll receive the "I'm right there with you," Starbucks nod from other parents.