The 3 Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Boat Fenders on Amazon

Boat fenders (or boat bumpers) are a necessary accessory if you want to avoid damage to your boat.

Boat fenders keep barriers like docks, concrete walls, and other boats from scratching and damaging your boat.

Think of a boat fender as a way to prevent a "fender bender." And if the "fender" is the side rail of your boat, it's fair to say you don't want that damaged.

Figuring out Fender Amounts per Boat

The average 20-foot pontoon boat needs at least three fenders, essentially just enough to keep your boat off the dock. If  you have a boat, by now you know you're going to spend money on new products and accessories like life jackets, boat hooks, boat cleats, boat covers, and fender covers. That's why we're going to help. You can actually keep your fender budget under $30 for each one, if you find the ones that are right for you.

How to Tie Boat Fenders

There isn't much to it, and different boats may call for different approaches. Refer to your boat's manual or the manufacturer's suggestions, because odds are they're taking fenders into consideration.

Also, check YouTube for visual step-by-steps on the process. Here's a simple tutorial.

How to Clean Boat Fenders

Boat fenders get dirty over time and can look pretty gross. Soap, water, and a sponge should get most of the dirt out. You can also use an inflatable boat cleaner.

Here's a good collection of a few different styles of boat fenders. Find what you like, what works for your boat, and what's going to stay on the inexpensive side.

1. Polyform G Series Boat Fender

Users say you can really protect your boat with these Polyform G Series boat fenders. If you're into water sports, you should also know that jet skis are at risk for damage from the dock's edge. These are multi-purpose inflatable fenders for personal watercraft and pontoons. With 4.6 out of 5 stars, a lot of folks are impressed with these heavy duty boat fenders.

The Polyform Series fenders are categorized by boat size range and recommended usage, which makes it simple to figure out which series you need. There's sizes G-1 all the way to G-6. Follow the chart in the description to find the perfect series and size for you.

For example, the black one pictured is a G-4, which is recommended for a boat that's 20-30 feet long and it's used for protected moorings. If these don't work for you, check out the NF, F, S, A, and HTM Series.

2. Polyform A-Series Buoy

Anyone going boating, canoeing, or rafting this summer is doing their best to get out and explore some water. But if they're neglecting their boat or craft's wellbeing, then it's on them.

These A-Series buoys are perfect round fenders for unprotected moorings. They fit boats up to 20 feet long, and come in a huge range of colors. Choose something a little unique, and you'll have no trouble telling people how to find your boat. "Just look for the purple fenders!"

3. Taylor Made Products Hull Gard Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fender

There's so many types of fenders. Low freeboard, round, transom, and cylindrical fenders. Some people even prefer to place dock bumpers on the dock.

If you want a design that's going to prevent hull rub, go with this oval shape pontoon fender. It's about as basic as they get, and at only $25.51.