YouTube: FullMag

The Awesome Power of a 20mm Rifle, Highlighted in Slow Motion Footage

.50 BMG's got nothing on 20mm!

These days there are a plethora of gun YouTube channels out there. It seems the best way for a channel to grow a huge following is to pickup a rifle chambered in .50 BMG. Everyone loves a good .50 cal video, and that is why prominent firearms personalities like Demolition Ranch and Edwin Sarkissan own and use them so often in their content.

There are so many .50 cal videos floating around the Internet that maybe it was starting to get a little cliché. What's the only way to combat that? By going bigger!

In this video, YouTuber FullMag unveils a gargantuan rifle that is obviously taking some design characteristics from your traditional should-mounted .50 cal, but this rifle is chambered in mighty 20mm! This is one you simply must see for yourself to believe.

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For those unfamiliar with 20mm, you may have heard about such weapons systems as the M61 Vulcan autocannon. You know, the gun that they mount on AC-130 gunships for anti-tank purposes! Yes, you read that correctly, anti-tank! This round is also commonly used for anti-material rifles or even for anti-aircraft purposes.

With 20mm, the rounds are also often given high explosive, incendiary or armor-piercing capabilities. These giant rounds often fly at a blistering 3,400 feet per second depending on the type of gun. That is simply crazy to think about for a shoulder-mounted firearm!

The watermelons in this video never stood a chance. That's some of the coolest shooting slow motion footage we have ever seen. Impressive stuff. Although we do not even want to know what it costs per round to shoot this thing. Consider that .50 BMG goes for $5-8 a round depending on the ammo type. It cannot be easy or cheap to acquire something like this.

One thing is for sure, we are looking forward to seeing how else Richard utilizes his new 20mm in the near future!

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