wild hog population

That is One Way to Eradicate Hogs... One Insane Way

Safe way to thin the hog population? No. Effective way? Looks like a yes.

Hog hunting has taken on some huge popularity over the last decade. People travel from all over the country to the states plagued with the population problems, in hopes of getting in on some of the action.

Social media and digital platforms are filled with some incredible hog hunting footage. But this one is something special. Nothing like hanging out of the window of a moving vehicle and cracking off as many shots as your gun will hold.

Dust flying, shots fired, and pigs dropping makes this one entertaining video:

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The stampede of hogs somewhat brings you back to your childhood days of watching Lion King as the wildebeest rumble through the valley. And the consecutive shots fired resembles some scenes of the movie Terminator. All in all, this video is pretty astonishing.

What are they saying though? We haven't a clue.

We will let your imagination go wild and translate that part to your liking

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