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The Armed Citizen Series: Top 3 Videos of Concealed Carriers Saving the Day

In this fast-paced compilation, armed citizens stop violent offenders in their tracks and turn the tables in favor of the good guys.

This series of videos show how quickly a violent crime can go down, but also how valuable armed citizens are in the moment. These armed citizens certainly get it done quickly. Below, we highlight some takeaways from each of these adrenaline-pumping incidents.

Concealed Carrier Surprises Armed Robber

In this incident, a concealed carrier dispatches a bad guy very quickly.

Decisiveness in a Crisis: What this demonstrates is that this armed citizen is well trained and has practiced his skills. He's quick to the draw, quick to the present, supported with two hands followed by a very accurate shot. Very good points; just keep covering that bad guy and have him keep his hands in view until the police arrive.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine: Armed Robbers get the Shock of Their Lives

These two perps think they have the upper hand in this jewelry store robbery before the tables are quickly turned.

Shooting and the follow-up: This is a great job by this veteran. While the first perp has the drop on him he waits until he has an opportunity off camera to get his gun up and into action. Quick, accurate shots to the bad guys' center of mass with a stable two-handed grip on his pistol. Note how he also continued to cover the danger area and the door, and likely waited until the police arrived on site.

Elderly Woman gets the Drop on these Armed Jewelry Store Robbers

This encounter would be almost funny if it weren't so serious; the outcome could have been much worse, but this 65-year-old put the run on these offenders.

Shooting and after-action on the scene: What is described by the police and what we can't see is that the woman shot at the robbers from a position of cover; great idea and these perps had no idea what was coming.

While we can all admire her aggressiveness I would caution chasing them out the door, carrying the pistol one handed. You could be walking right into an ambush if these guys had recovered outside in the street. The objective had been achieved; she got them out of the store so the best thing would be to have covered the danger area, the door, from a position of cover, until police services arrived. If you have to move towards a danger area your gun should be at the high ready, with you just looking over the top of the gun, finger off the trigger but ready to react to a threat.

Actions After the Shot

This is something that is not seen in any of the videos because they are too short; but directly after a shooting you have to be thinking about the next steps when police and emergency services are en-route. Here are some important considerations:

keep the bad guys or danger area covered with your pistol: Keep both hands on the gun covering the perp or perps even though they may be down, keep away from perp(s) out of arms reach and scan and breathe the entire area and situation for other threats, kick away the perp or perps guns to ensure well out of reach. If the bad guy is conscious direct him to stay on floor with arms out and hands up. If he is moving, even on the floor, he is still a threat so control his movements by telling him to freeze with arms extended out and palms up.

Calling in the police: Call 911, or ideally have another person call while you cover the bad guys. Get that phone on speaker while covering the threat and describe the scene to the 911 operator. Have someone linkup with police outside the area, ensure police are clear you are inside and armed, just before they enter put your gun on floor (well away from wounded or downed perp) kneel with both hands up facing entry team and communicate clearly with the entry team and police so there are no misunderstandings.

These videos provide some excellent lessons for the armed citizen and the biggest key takeaway in my mind is training. Train consistently and train hard so that you can react well in a crisis situation.


The Armed Citizen Series: Top 3 Videos of Concealed Carriers Saving the Day