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Texas Man Shoots Armadillo, Bullet Ricochets Back Into His Face

You best bring something stronger than a gun to an armadillo fight.

This is an unusual story that hit the airwaves some two years ago, but since Reuters picked it up this week, we figured we shared it with you. We’re fairly confident you’ll agree – this one has a place in the strange but true files.

A Texas man discovered an armadillo in his yard in the early morning hours. With his wife in the house, he headed outside, armed with a .38 revolver, with the thought of doing a little target shooting. Let’s just say that planned failed miserably.

The man fired off three shots, however, the tough shell of the animal deflected one of the rounds, sending it straight back and striking him in the face. Due to his injuries (which weren’t life threatening) the man was airlifted to the hospital where he had his jaw wired shut.

Who’d have thought, right? One lesson learned: when an armadillo comes visiting in the dead of night, lock the doors and head straight down to the basement.

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Texas Man Shoots Armadillo, Bullet Ricochets Back Into His Face