Road Poacher
YouTube: Lone Star Law

Texas Game Wardens Bust Road Poachers on Video Using Deer Decoy


The robo deer helps these Texas wardens snag some road poachers.

Road hunting is a serious problem that happens all over the United States. Not only is it extremely dangerous to shoot from a roadway, it's also extremely unethical to shoot an animal from a vehicle. The Texas Game Wardens take these reports quite seriously and in this clip from "Lone Star Law," they set off to try and catch some road poachers.

They have been receiving reports of road hunting in this area and they decide to bring out the secret weapon, robo-deer. This moving decoy is set up at the roadside in a sting operation to nab poachers in the act.

Watch this short video as the wardens try to confront a poacher rolls up on the decoy. They try to make a break for it and end up nabbed by the authorities. The two alleged poachers end up giving some conflicting information to the officers.


Whenever someone tries to flee from law enforcement, that's going to be a big red flag that someone is up to something they shouldn't be doing. That was the case with this video when the truck sped off as officers tried to confront them.

These alleged poachers tried to use the "hog hunting" excuse to get out of the bind they were in. Texas does allow 24/7 hog hunting, but the officers weren't buying the excuse since the guys were spotlighting out the window. The one officer was clearly not pleased with having been put into a high-speed pursuit and he ended up taking the driver to jail.

The passenger, upon given the choice of a ticket or a felony charge, probably made the wise decision to give up the light he was shining out the window. The driver went to jail for fleeing from law enforcement and both men were hit with citations for hunting from a public roadway.

One thing is for sure, game wardens never have a dull day at work!


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