robot deer decoy
YouTube; Animal Planet

'North Woods Law' Uses the Old Deer Decoy Trick to Catch Illegal Road Hunters

There's one strategy game wardens use that seems to never fail to catch poachers.

Buck fever can get the best of any hunter. You wait all season—usually multiple seasons—to see that perfect buck you've fantasizing about at work every day. So, when the two of you cross paths, it's hard to keep your emotions under control.

Every single one of us knows the feeling of tunnel vision, which has driven many hunters to blow their cover, take a bad shot or, in some cases, do something illegal.

One of the most common poaching practices is shooting from the road. Those who shoot from the road shouldn't be categorized with most other poachers, as it's almost always impulsive, but it's illegal nonetheless.

Law enforcement officers have come up with a very effective way to deter roadside hunters: robotic deer decoys.

By making a deer decoy move in an open field, game wardens are able to bait undisciplined hunters into crossing the line.

Watch the video below:

After watching this clip, I can't help but feel bad for this guy. I've been here before. I've had to summon some serious willpower to fight the urge in a number of hunting or fishing scenario.

However, if people think they can get away with it, they'll go through with it. And, as these game wardens stated in the video, it can be extremely dangerous for others.

Whether there are other hunters on the other side of that deer, or there's a house back in the trees that's barley out of sight, stopping and taking a shot that quickly is a recipe for disaster.

While you hate to see someone make this kind of mistake, people have to know impulses have consequences.