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This is Why You Don’t Hunt From a Moving Vehicle

road hunting

In this shocking video, a man named Paul Whitwell lives through every father’s nightmare.

Watch this video as a hunter and his son are shot at by an illegal road hunter while out turkey hunting.

Make sure the sound is on, and you can hear pellets hitting their blind.

Terrifying. Poachers and illegal road hunters harm the reputation of the entire hunting community and put families in danger.

We are happy to hear that both father and son came out of this unharmed, but this underscores how important it is to come together as a community to stop this kind of behavior.

Many of us know someone who might not have learned all the rules growing up, or who might not be teaching them to their kids today. Keep an eye out, set a good example for your neighbors, and take every safety precaution so you never experience this live and in-person rather than on secondhand video!

Special thanks to the Drurys for helping spread awareness about this incident, and be safe out there in the turkey woods.


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This is Why You Don’t Hunt From a Moving Vehicle